30 May 2022
European Growth Opportunities 2022

Over the last few months parallels have been drawn between the current state of the market and previous financial crashes as widespread selling has punished valuations. Will there be a turning point soon?

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17 May 2022
Unlocking Shanghai

Following announcements from Shanghai, Mark Martyrossian comments on what the re-opening of the City post-covid could on mean for China as an emerging markets opportunity.

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19 April 2022
Emerging Market opportunities ex-China and India

Recently we have added substantially to our exposure outside China, India and LATAM. In this piece Rob Brewis discusses where we have been finding opportunities elsewhere.

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8 April 2022
The easing of one Chinese regulation – a Parthian shot?

It seems Beijing is recognising that its sensitivity about national security should be rethought if it wants Chinese companies to raise capital in the US. Should we expect more of this support from Beijing in the coming weeks?

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25 March 2022
Another Wave of Business Regulation

China has been facing big headwinds since last summer, one of the strongest being business regulation.  In the attached we discuss the impact of a further slew of intrusive legislation.

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18 March 2022
Chinese ADR Listings – Last Year’s News

Chinese ADRs and H shares have taken a beating due to business regulation and inflationary concerns derating valuations on growth stocks. However, over the same period A shares have been more robust. In the attached, Mark Martyrossian looks at why this is.

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17 March 2022
European stocks: where are we now post the Russian Invasion of Ukraine?

In the attached, Sharon Bentley-Hamlyn talks about how her companies are set up to deal with ever-changing scenarios such as the current invasion of Ukraine. She also describes what happened to European equities last time there was a war in Europe.

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9 March 2022
The Russian Bear Trap

Mark Martyrossian looks at the recent sanctions imposed on Russia and their impact on exposure to Russian equities.

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