18 January 2022
European Equities – what will 2022 bring?

In the attached, Sharon Bentley-Hamlyn discusses the balance between exciting long term secular trends and the short term angst prompted by Russian troop movements.

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16 December 2021
China through the US looking glass, V!

Mark Martyrossian was in the US last week talking to investors about the prospects for Emerging Markets in the year to come. 

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13 December 2021
Global Emerging Markets Outlook

Rob Brewis looks back on what 2021 has meant for Aubrey’s Global Emerging Markets Strategy, and offers some predictions for the year ahead.

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3 December 2021
European Conviction Strategy Outlook

Sharon Bentley-Hamlyn’s thoughts on the year and outlook for 2022 covering valuations, interest rates, debt and how the Aubrey European Conviction Strategy is positioned.

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4 November 2021
Is it time to buy China?

Aubrey’s Rob Brewis discusses why it may be time to be a little more bold in China.

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1 November 2021
Meal Kits: Climate Change Friend or Foe?

Klyzza Lidman looks at the rapidly growing market for meal kits and examines the environmental benefits.

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8 October 2021
Why Invest in Europe now?

Jay Younger looks at why it has never been a better time to invest in Europe.

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1 October 2021
Cops and Robbers in China

In this piece Mark Martyrossian describes how identifying poor governance (the robbers) is a central part of our process and how new regulations (the cops) is likely to develop.

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24 September 2021
The Systemic Implications of Evergrande

Rob Brewis looks at how Evergrande has continued to dominate the headlines.

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17 September 2021
Evergrande? Ever thus………………..

The mountain of debt accumulated by Evergrande has the bears talking of systemic risk. Rob Brewis, manager of Aubrey Global Emerging Markets, describes where we stand.

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