Aubrey 60 Second Insights – Emerging Markets in October

A Time to Perform

Emerging Market growth equities have been under the hose these last 18 months. However, Rob Brewis provides reasons for being more optimistic in October’s 60 Second GEM insights.

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I don’t think there are many out there who will quibble with the long-term performance of our Aubrey GEM Opportunities Strategy which now extends over a decade.  There are very few, if any, investors in emerging markets who have returned 136% since 2012, when the benchmark has only managed 22%.

But this is of little comfort to clients who have invested with us in the past couple of years during which we have lagged the index and often some of our competitors too.  With the beauty of hindsight, after a 52% gain in 2020, 34% ahead of the benchmark, a number of our quality growth consumer stocks were arguably overvalued.  Thankfully, this is no longer a concern, with our portfolio comfortably back in its historic 20-30x PE range.

It is worth highlighting that after the 34% outperformance in 2020, not to mention the 10% outperformance in 2019, we gave back only 2.0% in 2021 and 5.7% in 2022.  This year started with a further relative decline, as China delivered what can best be described as a huge “dummy”, worthy of the best winger at the current rugby world cup, and Taiwanese technology had its “AI” moment in the sun.  But we are now clawing this back steadily.

We have always prided ourselves in an ability to avoid the worst of the downside in emerging markets, thanks to our focus on both the consumer sectors and the inherent quality of our companies.  In fact, over the long term, much of our relative gains come from avoiding downside, but this quality has evaded us in recent years, mostly due to the challenges of the Chinese consumer.

What we are most encouraged by in recent months is the return of this quality.  The past three months or so have not been happy for emerging markets but we have distinctly outperformed both the market and, perhaps more pertinently, our key competitors.  We believe this signals a return to “normal service”.

We also believe that the prospects for a number of our markets (India, Mexico, Brazil, Indonesia to name a few), look compelling and we have not felt more positive about the portfolio for some time.  This suggests positive absolute, as well as relative, performance ahead.

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