6 December 2023
Press Release: Aubrey Capital Management awarded A Rating from Square Mile

London, 6th December 2023 Aubrey Capital Management, the Edinburgh and London-based specialist asset management firm, has been awarded an A rating from Analysts at the independent investment consulting and research business Square Mile for its Global Emerging Markets Opportunities fund.

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13 November 2023
Aubrey 60 Second Insights – Europe in October

Markets continued to drift southwards in October. Reaction to the outbreak of hostilities in Israel was ambivalent, initially rising on the expectations that this could mark the end of US monetary tightening and then falling away again on robust employment numbers and Q3 GDP figures.

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2 November 2023
Aubrey 60 Second Insights – Emerging Markets in October

Emerging Market growth equities have been under the hose these last 18 months. However, Rob Brewis provides reasons for being more optimistic in October’s 60 Second GEM insights.

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1 November 2023
SVS Aubrey Citadel Fund: One Year On

The previous 18 months have without a doubt, been a time to be defensive. Keeping in line with global events, our approach has equally kept us in the more defensive group, in line with our more defensive absolute-return fund peers, rather than taking a hit like less defensive multi-asset peers.

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25 October 2023
Aubrey SVS Citadel: Most Innovative OEIC Defensive Fund 2023 (UK)

Wealth & Finance International has announced Aubrey SVS Citadel Fund as a winner of its Fund Award 2023, as ‘Most Innovative OEIC Defensive Fund 2023 (UK)’.

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17 October 2023
Our Emerging Market Investment Philosophy & Process

In a recent interview with the German financial press Aubrey’s Emerging Market portfolio manager, John Ewart, provided answers to questions we are frequently asked by allocators and gave insight into our investment process and philosophy.

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5 October 2023
Aubrey 60 Second Insights – Europe in September

At the end of August, we opined that now might be a good time to look at Europe again because it would be difficult for the ECB to justify higher rates as Germany was technically in recession. US inflation was coming under control and interest rates had probably peaked. Inflation was falling and was down at 5.3% in the Eurozone in July.

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28 September 2023
Aubrey 60 Second Insights – Emerging Markets in September

In 2020 and 2021 covid lockdowns and subsequent re-openings distorted the historical trend, but India literally roared back to life after covid and by the end of 2021, the market had perhaps run ahead of itself.

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